Is NLP good for anxiety?

NLP reaches the subconscious mind and is subsequently an extremely effective way to help people alleviate anxiety. This success is partly due to the fact that our subconscious minds work in very simple ways compared to people’s conscious, critical minds.

NLP Sessions

During the coaching sessions, a strategic approach is explored.  The client will learn how to ‘do’ anxiety and not let it ‘do’ you!  This includes gaining the ability to reduce it – not let it debilitate your life. 

Meaning depends on your point of view

NLP techniques are an excellent way to reprogram our mindset.

By amplifying your ‘feel good’ anchors through noticing and remembering triggers you will increase your enjoyment and appreciation of good experiences in life.  A way of lessening our anxiety is by planning effectively.  Therefore, Georgie encourages her clients to future pace situations that are important to them, so that they can make the very best of the outcome.  

Physical and mental grounding techniques such as breathing deeply and using your senses to acknowledge your surroundings are good exercises for controlling anxiety levels.  Related to this is sensory acuity which in the context of NLP makes reference to people’s use of their senses for accurate observing of themselves ourselves and those around us.

In short, NLP is hugely beneficial for those experiencing anxiety at all levels.


NLP teaches us to focus on the outcome of the situation we are going into.   When suffering from anxiety this thought can be impossible to imagine.  Maybe you are purely thinking of how to get out of the situation, how you ‘can’t’ do it, or can’t go somewhere, or simply won’t entertain the subject as to you – your anxiety is more powerful than what you actually want to do or where you want to go or want to achieve.   As part of the coaching, Georgie will teach you how to eliminate the triggers by using NLP and other techniques. 

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